8 Mar 2011

these are just a few photos from my birthday:
what i wore (urban outfitters cardigan, luella t-shirt and american apparel blouse); afternoon tea at Liberty; Liberty purchases; an amazing YSL manifesto that was given to me at Liberty and my birthday cake (victoria sponge with blackberry jam covered in white chocolate and berries).yum.

i had a lovely day and got a camera from my parents which i love, it's been stuck to me ever since! i got lots of lovely presents from my friends that i'm sure will pop up soon and i got a goldfish from my sisters.
My birthday weekend was spent eating cake and dreaming in Liberty then the most amazing meal ever at a vegetarian restaurant and my yummy cake. for me, perfection!
much love


  1. i'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday and liked my card! it sounds such a lovely idea to have afternoon tea at liberty, and your birthday cake looks devine.the last time i went to london ( quite a long time ago ) i was given a YSL manifesto by just some random people handing them out down oxford street. lots of love p.s. i adore your outfit xxxx

  2. You've got a lovely blog- new follower :-)

    Looks like you had a great birthday ♥ x