23 Feb 2011

it's my birthday next week (i'm sooo excited!) and here's a little collage of everything on my birthday list. i've saved up half of the money towards my camera, finally, i'm useless at saving so it's purchase has been postponed for quite a while. other than that i'm wishing for lots of books, dvds and (wishingwishingwishing) a box of macarons. The Penhaligon's perfume would also be greatly adored but it has an extortionate price tag, shame as it's called Ellenisia and my name is Ellen. I had a little party inside my stomach when I stumbled across a perfume with my name! It smells gorgeous too. 

i'm currently on half term and , so far, have been to birmingham for a weekend, gone to see justin bieber's film (don't judge me, it's the hair) and ordered chinese take-away for an evening in with friends. tomorrow i'm going to Enchanted Palace exhibition at Kensington Palace and hopefully taking a trip to brick lane later on in the week. 

much love

p.s does anybody know of any place where i could find a dress suitable for marie antoinette party, very much like a tba dress? xx


  1. happy almost birthday!
    love everything on your list
    virgin suicides <3

  2. i adore everything on your little birthday wishlist, especially the macarons, liberty bag, and vogue drawings book. i'm actually going to buy the virgin suicides novel as it is only £2 in HMV. lots of love p.s i wish i could find a wonderful smelling perfume that had my name on it! xxxx oh and happy nearly there birthday :)

  3. all of these things are adorable, you have such a cute blog! have a lovely birthday xx