20 Mar 2011

sorry for my prolonged absence, i have both my art and drama exams so, so soon. 9 days till drama and 14 days till my art and i'm not prepared for either of them. i have drama rehearsals at school at 7.45am and then till 5.30pm, then i come home and do hours worth of art and then sleep. my life is incredibly unproductive at the moment!
however, here are some photos for the times that don't involve drama or art:
1. all my post i received in one day last week - a pair of dungarees, my VERY tasty graze box and my well awaited marie antoinette film poster! 
2. a little photo of my liberty tote taken in the imperial war museum's toilet. 
3. all i have been eating and drinking lately. camomile and spiced apple tea and lots of berries.
 4. the liberty print of the inside of my barbour jacket in photo 2. 

i'll be back here soon, i hope
much love

8 Mar 2011

these are just a few photos from my birthday:
what i wore (urban outfitters cardigan, luella t-shirt and american apparel blouse); afternoon tea at Liberty; Liberty purchases; an amazing YSL manifesto that was given to me at Liberty and my birthday cake (victoria sponge with blackberry jam covered in white chocolate and berries).yum.

i had a lovely day and got a camera from my parents which i love, it's been stuck to me ever since! i got lots of lovely presents from my friends that i'm sure will pop up soon and i got a goldfish from my sisters.
My birthday weekend was spent eating cake and dreaming in Liberty then the most amazing meal ever at a vegetarian restaurant and my yummy cake. for me, perfection!
much love