12 Feb 2011

finally some photos of my new hair! it's growing at a ridiculously fast rate which i don't like. when i had long hair and wanted it to grow even longer, it doesn't but when i have short hair and want it to stay short, it grows at a supersonic rate! 
you can also see my new camel cardigan from zara kids that is so cosy. ohh and me realising just how much i resemble a grandma in pretty much every single sartorial situation. 

stripy top - topshop and camel cardigan- zara kids
collared blouse - american apparel, pleated skirt - topshop and camel cardigan- zara kids

my weekend hasn't been very eventful, i have lots of art to do and a maths mock to revise for and i'm working tomorrow.

hope you've all had lovely saturdays
much love


  1. you look ever so pretty and your outfit looks so very french. xxxx

  2. you look amazing!
    i can never pull of long skirts or dresses, maybe it's because i'm so short? i don't know they just don't look right. but you look gorgeous! <33

  3. You look wonderful. I'm thinking of trying a long skirt, i have one. I just need too be brave. x.x.x