8 Feb 2011

how insanely perfect are these photos of kirsten dunst for Boy?! She's my absolute favourite and as well as all  the clothes being absolutely stunning and the setting so magical and child-like, these photos are exactly the sort of thing i'd end up doing if i was set free in a botanical garden:
lollipops on gold buggies, tea with elephants, hiding in ivy houses and prancing around in silly glasses with clipboards.

i think i might get a couple of these photos printed and put them on my clip board and in and around my room, they're just so lovely!

p.s this is the exact length and shape of my new hair that i have yet to show you pictures of (except I have a middle parting and a 'curtain' fringe). I promise I'll post soon! 
much love


  1. oh my goodness.
    she's so beautiful and looks amazing in these..
    tell me you've heard of the virgin suicides?! <33

  2. These are gorgeous! The look in the first&last picture is so Margot Tenenbaum, I'm in love with it :xxx

  3. kirsten dunst is utter perfection. nothing else really needs to be said. xxxx p.s. i may have to have afternoon tea with some elephants!

  4. wow, hadn't seen the ivy covered house one before! she is so beautiful! x www.lostinthehaze.com

  5. I love Kirsten so so much! Thanks for sharing!