1 Feb 2011

On Saturday it was my 'personal adventure'- a day of sheer self indulgence and loneliness. I got the train up to the V&A (very early) and had a little wander round. I was the only person in some of the exhibitions which was a little creepy but quite nice. My favourite new discoveries were the jewellery exhibition that sparkles because of all the diamonds, and the theatre and performance section with all the costumes.

I then went to Kensington high street and found this amazing t.b.a dress in the sale. According to the website it's a blouse but due to 'medium' being the only size left and me being a little over excited, i'm going to hem it up a little bit and wear it as a dress as, at the moment, it resembles a regal hospital gown in length combined with the colour!

My personal adventure was finished with an afternoon spent in starbucks with a caramel hot chocolate, writing in my journal, making lists, reading and thinking of all the cakes i should have at my birthday party!

it sounds so sad but i really do love being alone. 


ps i had all my hair cut short yesterday! it's madness, i think i'm insane for doing it but i might show you tomorrow!


  1. I always thought I was the only one who has days like this, I've already planned pretty much all the same things for this friday and I can't wait to have the entire day all to myself. And as much as I love solitude, this time I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! :3 ps I saw your new hair on tumblr, i thought it suits you really well & you should definitely post it!!

  2. Ellen I don't actually think I've commented here before, but I always read your blog. It's honestly one of my very favourites - it's so lovely and unique and geniune and I adore it completely. You have the most beautiful fashion sense and I am incredibly envious of how beautiful you are (even though I know you'll deny it) and I love to read your words too.
    Anyway, I thought I'd let you know. I'll try to comment more, stay lovely. xxx

  3. your day in solitude sounds lovely.I do like my lonely days once in a while,they make me feel quite peaceful and happy.
    And how I envy that you can go on adventures in London!!

  4. Your day sounds so lovely! I really want to vist the v&a but still haven't got round to it. I'm also very jealous of your dress, I love tba. I'd love to see your hair, I'm thinking about cutting mine and I'm sure your's looks really nice.

  5. Your day sounds so wonderful, and i'm forever jelous of yout TBA dress! I wish that I lived in london and could do all these wonderful things all the time, and being alone with my thoughts is one of my favourite things to do. (that makes me sound so anti-social, but oh well!)

    lots of love, Lizzi xxxxx

  6. oh dear i feel a bit late with my comment. but your little posts about your outings in london ( which i am sincerely jealous, you must get this a lot ) always amuse. any items of clothings that have a collar steal my heart and the t.b.a dress is no different. the collar reminds me of delicate snowflakes aha. much love dearie xxxxxxxx
    p.s. the caramel hot chocolate, lists and journal writing sounds so delightful!

  7. Sounds very explorative. A lovely way to spend the day indeed. I like wondering around and stumbling upon new things and places.
    That blouse is pretty. Nice find!